About US


PLR Information Systems Ltd. was established at the beginning of 1995 by a group of hardware and software engineers with the objective of designing, manufacturing and marketing high level Avionics Data and Video Recording Systems and Data Transfer and Conversion Systems. These products are aimed at aircraft and aerospace industries and are designated for both military and commercial applications. The initial goal set by the founders was to develop a set of products, which would act as a platform, and can be used in the company's fields of operation for a large number of varied applications. These basic platforms are then used for standardized products and for customized applications.

Fields of Operation

The company's fields of operation can be divided into three main groups

  • Airborne Data, Audio and Video Recording Systems
  • Data Transfer, Processing and Conversion Systems
  • Customized Applications

PLR is a privately owned enterprise. It leans heavily on the experience of its founders who all come from many years of development and manufacturing backgrounds in commercial and military electronics. As a team the group provides its customers with many years of experience in hardware and software implementation. These come from areas such as:

  • Avionics Data Acquisition and Simulation
  • Test System Design
  • Avionics Integration
  • Flight Test Instrumentation
  • Embedded System Design
  • Debriefing and Data Processing Software